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The platform for leading decision-makers in the mobility industry. Visionary minds from a wide range of industries meet here to discuss future-oriented solutions and strategies and to shape the mobility of tomorrow. A place of exchange, innovation and pioneering networking in the dynamic world of mobility.

OUR #23


OUR #23


Hands On: In our exclusive 90-minute masterclasses, we and our partners provide detailed knowledge on a wide range of topics. Immerse yourself in the world of knowledge with our masterclasses! Discover exciting topics presented by experts, interactive learning opportunities and unparalleled insights. Your journey to new horizons starts here!

  • Learn from our gifted automotive artist Pascal Goebel how to turn an idea into an automotive work of art. But beware: it's not just about looking, it's hands-on! You can implement tips live on your own paper and give free rein to your creativity.

    by Pascal Goebel

  • Are you fascinated by design? Wondering how to create a design that inspires people all over the world? The experts from the independent design studio Muniq Design will show you live how to create your own dream on paper. You will also be actively involved here and can improve your sketching skills! Together with experienced exterior, interior and motorcycle designers, you will design your own dream project on site.

    by Muniq Design

  • Blöchl & Ferrari? That fits! For almost four decades, the Ferrari brand has been the daily business of the Blöchl family, alongside various other Italian sports cars. In this masterclass, you can ask all your questions about Ferrari or simply be fascinated by the history of the global brand. A must for every fan of the brand from Maranello. And you probably won't find anyone in Bavaria who knows more about the Ferrari legend than Managing Director Florian Geier.

    by Ferrari Blöchl

  • Do you love music but have never dared to use a mixing desk? In this master class you will get an introduction to the skills of a DJ / DJane. You'll learn everything you need to know about technology and procedures first-hand from experienced artists who play in clubs and festivals all over Europe. Who knows... maybe one day you'll be DJing on the MYLE Music Circuit? Our Masterclass is definitely a good start!

    by Jessrey / AEVE & Beattube / Davido

  • The British cult brand Aston Martin has been inspiring car lovers and racing drivers around the world for 110 years. But the brand is much more than just James Bond's vehicle. The experts from the Astonishing Drivers Club will guide you through the history of the brand with the matching cars on site at the brand meeting at MYLE23. From Bond classics to the new generations, we will go through over 100 years of Aston Martin history together and bring the brand to life for everyone directly in the car.

    by Astonishing Drivers Club

  • How is an Aston Martin actually created? We will get to the bottom of this question together and the Astonishing Drivers Club is delighted to welcome the former exterior designer of Aston Martin, Adil Benwadih. Adil will guide us through the design development of the New Vantage. What are proportions, how are the details on the vehicle created and what are the biggest challenges for a sports car designer? Together we will go through the design of the New Vantage live and directly on the vehicle and you can ask Adil questions about his work and the car at any time.

    by Astonishing Drivers Club

  • Carbon has become an integral part of the world of lightweight construction, performance and motorsport. But how exactly is a finished product as we know it created from carbon fibers? As if that wasn't exciting enough, in this masterclass with Asphaltkind we will set up a small carbon workshop where you will learn how to drape, seal and infuse, among other things. At the end, you'll be able to take your self-made carbon key ring home with you. How cool is that?

    by Asphaltkind

  • by Philipp Rupprecht

    When you see the first pictures of a new model of one of the world's biggest sports car brands, there is an extremely high probability that Philipp Rupprecht was the genius who staged this vehicle in an inimitable way. It is an incredible pleasure for us to inform you that Philipp will be sharing his knowledge with you in a master class. Of course, you will be shown live on an exhibit the skills with which one, if not THE world's best automotive photographer works. What an honor. Thank you, Philipp! You don't believe us: Portfolio Philipp Rupprecht

  • The colleagues at the Dörr Group are experts when it comes to dealing with highly exclusive and exotic sports cars. In addition to the McLaren brand, they also work on the Bugatti and Pagani brands at Motorworld Munich. During MYLE23, the Dörr Group will be opening the doors of its unique workshops, which are otherwise firmly closed, for the very first time and offering insights into the maintenance and repair of the world's most expensive vehicles in guided tours. Highly recommended!

    by Dörr Group

  • In a Ferrari, Aston Martin or Rolls-Royce, every detail is designed to perfection and the respective style is unmistakable. But what about your style? Have you ever wondered what the 'do's' and 'don'ts' are when looking for a suitable outfit for a certain occasion? Whether it's a sporty outing, a gala evening or business - MYLE and KingsHouse from Munich are helping to make the world a little more stylish. So bring all your questions, because Jürgen Reschop is not only a brilliant guy, but also a real icon among bespoke tailors.

    by KingsHouse

  • No one can fool them: The Munichwristbusters are absolute experts in uncovering fake luxury watches. As dealers of the most exclusive watches, they have declared war on the fakes of this world with their Instagram page, among other things. By the end of this masterclass, you'll know how to spot fake watches on the wrist of the person you're talking to in no time at all (😉), which watches are the most common fakes and how you can protect yourself when making a purchase!

    by Munichwristbusters

  • If life is a game, poker designs the game plan. In our "Poker meets Mobility" masterclass, you will learn valuable tips and tricks directly at the poker table on how to better assess risks, stay creative and patient and why "bluffs" and "failures" are part of a successful overall strategy - in poker and in the business arena. Our decision professionals will show you how to perfect holistic thinking and decision-making and put your decision making in the fast lane.

    by HAPEK

  • While carbon has been used in all high-end applications such as motor sports for years, it has only been used in isolated cases in the boating world. 

    The innovative SAY Carbon Yachts shipyard from Wangen in the Allgäu breaks with this tradition and produces carbon motorboats in series. Karl Wagner already produced the carbon monocoque for the Porsche 918 Spyder, the McLaren P1 and many more with his previous company. 

    Now he is bringing this technology to the water. Learn about the advantages of this material, the connection between supercars and SAY Carbon Yachts and find out more about entering the maritime world.

    by SAY Carbon Yachts